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China Business Legal &Tax Platinum Membership

Basic Legal Services in China:
1. Unlimited telephone inquiries on China legal & tax matters
2. Unlimited meetings with solicitors in our China and Hong Kong offices
3. Unlimited written legal advices on China matters
4. Unlimited drafting of legal letters in China
5. Unlimited perusal of all commercial agreements (except merger and acquisition)
6. Applying all government licenses

China Litigation Service:
7. One legal action in China*#

Formation of company in China:
8. Setting up a new company of various types*
9. Setting up a branch*
10. Setting up a representative office*

Intellectual Property Services in China:
11. Unlimited application and registration of trade marks**
12. Unlimited application and registration of copyright and patent **

Taxation Services in China:
13. All Tax Matter inquiries in China
   Company Business tax
   Profit tax 
   Value added tax
   Custom duty for goods imported into China
   Employee salary tax

Annual Fee : HK$50,000.00

* Excluding government charges, fee for business travel and post-business license service fee
** Excluding government charges and expert fees
# Provided and be responsible by a PRC Lawyer

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