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The most common concerns in Health and Beauty are labour disputes, such as confidential company information being stolen by ex-staff and hence affecting the corporate image together with company profit. To solve this problem, protective terms about company assets and related claims must be included in the employment contract.

On the other hand, most of the clients' injuries are the result of employees' negligence in the beauty industry. The injured clients would then submit related claims to the employers. With strong experience in dealing with these cases, we have the confidence to help you fight for your interests.

In order to avoid accidents, ordinary monitoring is an essential element, in addition to training and this is the responsibility of employer. If it is found that accident occurrence is due to the lack of superior monitoring, the employer needs to bear the responsibility and corresponding claims.

The objective of Huen's is to provide all-round solution to our clients. This is also implied from our slogan, "Solution, not options". To solve fully the above problem, internal management, system infrastructure and sufficient training are needed. Huen's has different affiliates available to offer you these professional services, which can save your time in consolidating these data.

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