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   Huen Yuen Fun, Wendy
   Lee Hoi Wan, Edith
   Leung Hoi Ting, Fiona
   Wong Chi Lai, Agatha
   Wong Yin Chun , Fernando
   Wong Yuk Wah , Chloe
   Li Kin Ming , Stephen
   Flora Sun Harmony
Building Management

Breach of the Deed of Mutual Covenants
    Illegal structure
    Recovery of repair expenses and management fees
    Dog keeping
    Determination of construction method
    Obstruction of common area

Breach of the Building Management Ordinance
    Obtaining warrant to break into flat
    Enforcement of judgment
    Covert any part of the common area into own use
Non-contentious Building Management Ordinance matter
    Establishment of management committee for the owners incorporated
    Advice on the procedure of the meetings of the Incorporated Owners 
    Dissolution of management committee and appointment of administrator
    Termination of management appointed by owners
    Removal of member of management committee and appointment of new member

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