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   Wong Charn Hung, Andrew
   Wang Ho Yin, Patrick
   Tang Ka Leung, Jack
   Leung Hoi Ting, Fiona
   Wong Chi Lai, Agatha
   Wong Yin Chun , Fernando
   Ip Tsui Wah, Brenda
   Wong Yuk Wah , Chloe
   Li Kin Ming , Stephen
   Flora Sun Harmony

It is inevitable that in today's business world, people will need to pursue litigation in order to protect their interests. With a long history of handling litigation cases, Huen & Partners believes that teamwork is paramount in providing reliable services.

A firm structural approach is our main strategy in handling litigation cases. To enable this, we have developed a knowledge-based system to set out guidelines and precedents for our lawyers to follow. Clients are informed of all the procedures in the cases. In special circumstances, we seek advice from industrial experts and counsel. Our aim is to attain the maximum chance of winning within a defined budget.

Our cases range in size and variety, including contractual disputes, construction arbitrations, directors' disputes, intellectual property infringement, corporate insolvency cases and more.

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