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1.           Huen & Partners does not believe in office politics so that each staff’s performance must be measured individually and objectively.


2.           Every staff will be assigned a target and his or her performance will be assessed in the light of his or her target.


3.           Huen & Partners believes reward should base solely on performance and contribution but not connection and seniority.


4.           Huen & Partners believes in team works and every staff is part of our teams, they supposed to be respected regardless of their ranks, education standard and connection. All team members should also share the fruit of efficiency.


5.           Huen & Partners does not believe in excuse but action


6.           Comments, opinions and suggestions are always welcome in Huen & Partners.


7.           Huen & Partners believes self learning and improving are necessary for life and shall use such resources as may be reasonable to help staff to achieve this goal.


8.           Huen & Partners believes apart from work there is a life; you will find it should be fun to work here.


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