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Tenancy Membership

1. All telephone inquiries in relation to tenancy matters
2. All written legal advices in relation to tenancy matters
3. Drafting of Tenancy Agreement
4. Collection of rent on behalf of clients
5. Recovery of outstanding rent
6. All legal letters in relation to tenancy matters
7. All distraint of rent
8. Application for possession order
9. All Land's Tribunal cases

Annual Fee    
  1 Property - HK$ 6,000.00
  2 to 4 Properties - HK$ 12,000.00
  5 to 7 Properties - HK$ 18,000.00
  8 to 10 Properties - HK$ 24,000.00
  11 and above - negotiable


* The argument and trial hearings are to be attended by Counsel and it does not include all the disbursements, e.g., Court fee, Mediation fee, Counsel fee, etc. And our costs of attending mediation are to be charged at HK$3,000 per hour.

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